We have updated the page as u can see we added a new cool background that makes the template look more organized. We have made a new forum. Now instead of PhpBB its PhpBB plus!. It has tons of new feature and we have made a new direct link to the forum: www.ffsforums.tk . On our next update we will finish the goodies section with tons of stuff like walpapers, videos, ect. To help us with the goodies section we made a post for help on what stuff should we put!.



Well were back online since our host servers were down. The Forums are still down. I am trying to restore the forums with every post but if we can't were making a new Forum with more features and (we hope) more templates. I the meantime use the FFS temporary forums from Boomp Boards. We are trying to recover from the Server crash and this is going to take time to restore. We have a new member for FFS and its Buo (Owl). We welcome elBuo. We've made some changes to the template. The scroll bar is different :) and every page is Identified with HTML.



Well i finally have a movie on ng and its not that i suck its that i havent had the time the flash movies well who cares atleast its on ng =P.



We decided to make a new webpage since the older was too much swf lol so now its better. But it still incomplete. We will tell you when we complete the website. Keep posting in the forms!

Gigabit & JD